Lease Purchase Financing Available for
Law Enforcement Motorcycles

Lease Purchase Financing allows the purchase of equipment with no large up-front cash outlays

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. is proud to offer Lease Purchase Financing to your municipal agency for Law Enforcement Motorcycles.

Lease Purchase financing through Sparta allows your municipality to purchase vital equipment and property through installment lease payments, with no large, up-front cash outlays required. As payments are made, the municipality—which maintains ownership of the equipment—builds equity in its investment. Furthermore, because Lease Purchase Financing is not considered “Debt” for municipalities, only the current year’s lease payment(s) is required to be included in the operating budget. With Lease Purchase Financing, the municipality takes title ownership in the equipment at the beginning of the lease and owns the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Sparta offers customized financing solutions with low rates, flexible terms, fast quotes, and quick credit approvals. And there are no closing costs or hidden fees. We work directly with OEMs, offering a simple, fully supported lease financing program.

At Sparta, we have made the Lease Purchase Financing process quick and uncomplicated. Municipalities simply complete a short credit application. That’s it! Once credit approval is received, we prepare the contract with no legal opinion required, saving everyone both time and money.

If your agency has not considered this type of financing in the past, here are a few great reasons why they should:

• No large, up-front cash outlays
• Only current year’s lease payment(s) included in operating budget
• Frees up capital for other needs
• Not considered “Debt”
• Customized payment terms and structures
• Additional emergency equipment tied to the vehicle can be included in the lease
• Maintenance programs or contracts can be included in the lease
• Straightforward documentation
• No hidden fees or closing costs
• Fast credit approval

Additionally, cash purchases reduce funds available for other expenditures and force choosing between competing essential needs. They also create availability of funds and budget inconsistency issues.

Sparta provides Lease Purchase Financing for:

• Police Departments
• Correctional Institutions
• Sheriff’s Offices
• Public Safety Offices
• And all other municipal agencies as well

If you have any questions or for a fast quote, please contact:
Mr. Louis Musher at Sparta Commercial Services at (800) 882-0778 ext-217.
Or email: municipallease@spartacommercial.com.

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